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The Cloud-based LMS built for your success

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Unlock student potential and create amazing digital learning experiences.

Astria learning management system (LMS) helps you manage all learning activities and courses to improve teaching and learning in Higher Education for your students and faculty.

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No Need for Costly Hardware
or Installation Hassles

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As a cloud-based system, you don’t need to install the Astria LMS on your institution’s hardware system. This frees you from the need to purchase new and costly hardware and allows you to easily scale as your student population increases. The Astria LMS is managed and supported by Astria Learning, and our support tech team strives for 99.99% uptime (and a 99.7% guarantee).

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Manage and monitor student learning with Astria LMS.

Our Learning Management System automates the administrative processes of cataloging courses, recording and monitoring student information, tracking a student’s progress, and providing eLearning to your students. Astria’s LMS is highly interactive, allowing participants to interact face-to-face with the professor via video conference.

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Consolidate all learning resources and materials in one place

Keep a list of reusable learning materials with easy-to-use search features, set up question banks with different types of questions and levels of difficulty, and have an assignment repository with basic assignment templates.

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Eliminate administrative

Astria LMS will reduce your administrative costs in a variety of ways, including enabling the cost-savings of e-learning (less or no travel, more work time available, lower teaching costs, etc) as well as streamlining the administration of training programs across your institution.

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Consolidate all learning resources and materials in one place

The Astria LMS is designed with a high level of security in mind and is equipped with a variety of enterprise security measures to safeguard our clients. Any security breach or unauthorized login can be identified by the system and appropriately reported. Furthermore, the data stored in the Cloud is also safeguarded.