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Our cloud based Astria learning management system, will systematically help manage all learning activities and the learning /development of your students and faculty.

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Many ways to Connect and Learn

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The Astria LMS encourages communication. There are now even more ways for students to stay connected. The Astria Learning Management System can be accessed on the go via laptop, tablet, or mobile. Our cloud based learning management system, called Astria LMS will systematically help manage all learning activities and the learning / development of your students and faculty. 

As a cloud based system you do not have to install Astria LMS onto your institution’s hardware system. This eliminates the need to buy new and expensive hardware and allow you to easily scale up as your student body grows. The system is managed and supported for you by Astria Learning. Our support tech team aim for a 99.99% targeted (and 99.7% guaranteed) uptime.

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Manage and Track Student’s Learning

With our LMS you can automate the administrative tasks of tracking courses in a catalog, recording & tracking student’s data, charting a students’ progress, and delivering eLearning to students. Astria LMS is a highly interactive platform that can also use video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom environment wherein participants interact face to face with the professor.

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Consolidate All Learning Information Into One System

Your Institution will be able to manage all learning content and resources under one consolidated system. It allows you to maintain a catalog of reusable learning objects with advanced search capabilities, create question banks with choice of question types and difficulty levels, and maintain an assignment repository with standard assignment templates and facility to upload documents.

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Reduce Learning Costs

Astria LMS will reduce your administrative costs in a variety of ways, including enabling the cost-savings of e-learning (less or no travel, more work time available, lower teaching costs, etc) as well as streamlining the administration of training programs across your institution.

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High Emphasis on Security

Astria LMS is built with considerable emphasis on security and has many enterprise security features in place to protect our clients. Any breach or unauthorized logins can be detected by the system and duly reported. The data that resides on the Cloud is also protected.

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