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Astria Learning:
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Astria Learning is a Florida based EdTech company founded in 2009. At Astria Learning, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone in the world. With our vision & tech expertise we partner with universities and institutions to expand their reach across borders. Astria learning helps institutions grow and thrive in the digital landscape through solutions that are specific to their requirements.

We provide a seamless strategy that helps institutions become relevant in today’s digital environment where they are able to meet the needs of the evolving learners by providing them with eLearning options. Astria Learning provides the complete range for academic solutions from Software Development – Hardware Manufacturing – OPM Consultations, enabling universities and institutions to adapt to the digital age.

About Astria Learning


Our Mission

Develop products and services to improve the quality
and delivery of higher education around the world.


Our Vision

To be the world's leading educational technology provider.
About Astria Learning
About Astria Learning

Astria Learning

It's more than just eLearning...

It is vital to understand that today the difference between on-campus and ECAMPUS is merely of perception. With more and more universities opting to offer their programs on both the platforms “going digital” has become essential for growth.

With the growing demand for safer and smarter ways of learning, elearning gives you flexibility to enhance your career and upgrade your knowledge.

A partnership/association with Astria Learning entails access to all our resources be it course/curriculum development,digital library, Marketing, Enrollment, Software & Hardware.

What Sets
Us Apart


Professional & passionate team

Our team gives 110% to each and everyone of our clients and actively work toward their growth.


We work well
with our clients

We thrive to become an extension of the institution and work closely with the IT department to ensure a smooth implementation.


We think outside
the box

Sometimes the answer isn’t so obvious. Our analytical thinkers work with our creatives to help develop unique and ground breaking solutions.


Global reach

With offices and team members spread across the globe we are available  to our partners 24/7 ensuring smooth operation & success.

Connect with
New Community

Embracing eLearning is about so much more than just building your brand and expanding your reach. It’s about connecting with a whole new global community of learners that are ready to build lasting relationships with you.

By effortlessly adapting to the pace of change of the world of education, you can be assured of maintaining the prestigious status of your organization or institution. And because you’ll be partnering with an experienced and innovative team, you’ll know that you’re laying the foundations for success today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

The Comprehensive

With the goal of becoming the world’s leading eLearning partner, we ensure that we connect your institution with everything you need to grow from day one. Here are just a few of the ways we can improve your enrollment rates, graduation rates, and student satisfaction ratings all at the same time:

Learning Management Systems

Connect with students and distribute key learning materials quickly and efficiently.


Manage individual student information from application right the way through to graduation.


Get exclusive access to thousands of eBooks and academic sources, no matter where your students are .


Take a comprehensive approach to every aspect of eLearning program development and execution.


Major milestones that have contributed towards our sustainability.
About Astria Learning


Average Growth Since our inception.


Visit our agency or simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
100 S. Ashley Drive Suite 600, Tampa, FL 33602
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Astria LearningHeadquarters
Making education accessible to everywhere under the stars
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Astria LearningHeadquarters
Making Education Accessible to Everyone Under the Stars
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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