What is The Student Record Management System?

Yes, the Student Record Management System is an automation tool that organizes, safeguards, and maintains educational databases. But it’s also many other things, and its precise definition will depend on who’s using it.


To academic institutions, it’s an instrument for meeting the needs of students.


To administrators, it’s a means of bypassing the manual work susceptible to many human errors.


To a school’s budget, it’s an operating system that cuts down on costs.


For investors, the Student Record Management System is a ground of an industry expected to reach $9 billion worth by 2023


So, what exactly does SRS do? What are its functions, objectives, and features? Why has it become so important, even indispensable, in handling student record databases?


Stay with us while we deep dive into answers. 


Introduction to Student Record Management System


Student Record Management System (SRS), sometimes also referred to as Student Information System (SIS), Student Management System (SMS), or Student Information Management System (SIMS) – is a software solution for tracking and managing student data. 

SRS is specifically designed for educational settings, and its many features enable school’s efficient functioning on a daily basis. 


In essence, it gathers all the valuable student-related information on a single platform, enables quick retrieval of essential data, and filters their availability by the access level. 


In other words, it’s a modern-day, digitized version of piling files in drawers. Except that the modernized enhancement comes with many additional features, such as quick data scanning, report generation, and data networking.


Complicated terms aside, a well-crafted Student Record Management System quickly became a trustworthy partner that helps educational institutions make informed decisions, boost their enrollment rates, and operate smoothly from day to day. 


What Does a Student Information System do?


The primary function of the Student Record Management System is to replace a complex net of educational bureaucracy and provide efficient communication channels on all levels: between educational leaders, policymakers, separate departments within an institution – all the way to administrators, students, and their parents.


Like any information system, its aim is to solve problems by storing data, extracting information, and using it to improve knowledge. 


In pragmatic terms, this means that a well-designed Student Record Management System will:


  • Store and safeguard student information
  • Keep record of classroom-related activities, such as attendance, performance, behavior
  • Organize documents
  • Enhance library management
  • Manage the admission process
  • Handle tuition and fees payments
  • Identify trends through reporting features
  • Alleviate the inter-department communication 


In a word, what a good Student Record Management System does for a school is provide a unique set of benefits that lead to the institution’s improved performance. 

Installation And Application of SRS

Because technology is rapidly taking over the education system, even on-premise Student Record Management Systems soon became ancient history. 


Educational leaders quickly discovered that cloud-based software (web-based, SaaS solutions) are a much more effective, safe, and economical platform for maintaining student records. 


In the “old” days, SRS installation required a set of additional hardware and software that could have cost a school thousands of dollars. 


But with the advent of a cloud, everything changed. 


For starters, complicated installation processes and expensive equipment buying were swiped by a single subscription. The entire SRS setup is now mostly handled by a support team, which also provides its assistance during the subscription period. 


Second, clouds are usually more secure environments for storing information because they have built-in features to protect the system from cyber-attacks.


Subscribing to the student record management system “online” also means taking advantage of many benefits the internet has blessed us with. Some of the crucial features related to the school’s functioning are:


  • Ease of use
  • Good support system 
  • Protection against data breaches and other cyber threats
  • User-friendly systems
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Compatibility across devices


How do You Manage Student Records With SRS?


In essence, SaaS Student Information System operates based on authorized access, which means that each participant in the system has their own account and handles only a data portion he’s authorized to access. 


Educating administrative and educational staff on the SRS operating is usually pretty straightforward because the interface is designed to be intuitive, meaning it does not require plenty of technical expertise.


Students are traditionally, and by their nature, much faster learners. Most of the time, this category doesn’t even need any special training to use the school’s SIS. 


In a word, a cloud-based SIS is already intentionally designed to be ready for immediate use


Benefits of the Student Record Management System


We’ve already written about the many benefits SRS brings to educational institution’s performance. 


Just to quickly recap, here’s a rundown of the few important advantages of implementing SIS in educational settings:


  • Enhanced productivity
  • Cutting costs
  • Boosting enrolment rates
  • Meeting the needs of students and their parents
  • Easy classroom management
  • Accessible performance monitoring
  • Informed decision making


And many more. Because the list can potentially expand significantly, you’d better read more about SRS-related benefits here


Astria’s Guidelines for Edu Revolution 


To wrap it up, a well-crafted Student Record Management System is best described not just as another digital tool but as a partner in education. 


A partner to students in gaining new knowledge.


A partner to administrators to automate repetitive tasks.


A partner to teachers to improve learning objectives. 


Last but not least, SRS is a partner to educational leaders whose job is to make the institution flourish.


To learn more about the partnership with AstriaLearning, contact us today or request a demo of our SIS solution.


See you soon! 

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