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Astria Learning

Innovative Technical Solutions

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Offering Every Student & University New Opportunities.

We understand that the world of education is changing fast, and we also understand that the language of the tech world may not be for everyone. That’s why our unique approach to developing and providing solutions also allows you to make use of our deep technical knowledge and understanding.
By finding everything you need to connect with your students and deliver content, you’ll be able to power eLearning the smart way.

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Our Approach

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Custom solutions allow you to provide your students with exactly what they need, and nothing more.
It’s an approach we’ve pioneered so that you can tailor your offering to the exact needs of your audience whilst increasing enrollment rates, graduation rates and student satisfaction all at the same time.

Technology You Can Trust

We know that when you partner with us, you’re entrusting us with the prestige and reputation of your brand, as well as the future of a whole new generation of eLearners. It’s why we pride ourselves on delivering the comprehensive technical solutions that ensure you can cater to the needs of every student whilst simultaneously growing and enhancing your brand:

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Learning Management Systems

Make connecting with students and distributing key learning materials a quick and efficient process that works for everyone.

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Student Information Systems

Allow you to manage individual student information from application right the way through to graduation in a safe and secure way.

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Interactive e-Library

That allows you to offer your students access to a powerful new learning resource they can access from anywhere in the world.

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Unique Educational Tech

That you can source with nothing morethan a quick discussion with our expert team.

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Integrated Payment Systems

Make instant payments a frictionless part of the enrollment process, ensuring that you always attract new students and online learners.

We pride ourselves on providing technology you can trust, and that means offering everything you need to enhance the learning process, and nothing more. With simple, transparent options that ensure you can scale your eLearning offering, you can take a strategic approach to adapt to the constantly changing needs of your students.

Technology You Can Trust

When you partner with our team you’re not just getting value for money and innovative solutions, you’re also getting access to a comprehensive range of support that makes all the difference.
We take care of the fine details, so you don’t have to, allowing your new solutions and content to integrate seamlessly with zero downtime.

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