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Student Information Systems (SIS)

Manage individual student information from application right the way through to graduation

The Astria – Student Information Systems (SIS) provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of your institution.

Along with the many other features the Astria – SIS offers, it is configured to communicate with many world-class banks. This makes online payments easier than ever, with real-time results, less queues for students, and higher collection.


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What sets us apart

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Availability of Information from a Single Source

Astria - SIS was designed with an objective to decentralize administration. You can easily store and make available, information as an integrated system. This increases the functional efficiency of an institution and improves timely decision-making processes at all levels.

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Notification System & Announcements

Easily broadcast emergency notifications to staff, parents and students via SMS, and publish non-emergency announcements via email and/or the news/announcement modul.

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Data Driven

Thanks to Astria - SIS’ robust platform, administrators can manage all the information about their schools with custom data driven codes. Your operators can quickly create new data fields that are unique to their environment.

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Post-Implementation Training

We offer a number of training & support sessions and resources for your administrators, teachers and staff. Ensuring everyone can effectively use the Astria - SIS, which will help to maximize your school’s return on investment and user adoption.

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