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Your Trusted Online Program Management Provider

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Deliver online degree programs, boost graduation rates, and welcome new students while entrusting the heavy lifting to us.

All your accreditation needs are taken care of! We’re the go-to online program management provider for universities and colleges all over the world who want to get their students certified, and issue diplomas, and degrees online.

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Quality education

Transforms how individuals are educated with personalized, tech-based career training.

globally priced

Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their skills and be of service. "Promoting equity for all"

local impact

Our modernized approach to career education empowers students to achieve the professional development skills needed to enter high demand positions in the technology industry.

Comprehensive OPM Solution

Here at Astria Learning, we take the time to understand your institution and your target audience like they’re our own. That’s why we take care of everything from marketing, development, implementation, and beyond so that you’ll never have to worry about anything.

Astria Learning’s unique approach allows you to elevate your brand in an entirely new way:

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With a new generation of students and future leaders.

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Your brand in ways that make you stand out.

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To the ever-evolving needs of the education world.



Learning opportunities that will shape the future and lead the way for the next generation .

Why Partner with Us?

We want to help you bring your content online so that every student,  regardless of their location, access it just with a few clicks.


 This is an opportunity to expand the reach of higher education, allowing your college or university to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing world of learning. By offering students new learning paths, you will not only shape their futures but also expand your brand’s visibility and reputation. No matter how rapidly your audience’s needs change, you will remain able to provide the same high-quality courses that you have always been renowned for. You will be able to incorporate a variety of interactive assignments, tests, example questions, and discussion boards to create an engaging learning environment for each student.

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We've got everything you need to get the most out of e-learning

When you partner with us, not only do you get a new contact but also direct access to an amazing team of experts who are passionate about providing dynamic, inspiring content.

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Intuitive Solutions

that you'll know what you're getting before you even sign up.

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Accessible Platforms

that let you share content with students around the world.

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Eye-catching designs

that help students focus better and graduate faster.

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Interactive Learning

that gives students the tools, knowledge, and guidance they need to unlock their full potential.

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Student Support

that makes sure every student gets the support they need, no matter what their needs or skills are.

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Admission Strategies

help us scale our resources and keep growing our audience.

Astria Learning is here to help you get and keep the right students

Astria Learning has established a reputation for working closely with colleges and universities and continues to do so to this day. Our goal is to increase student enrollment and graduation rates, as well as to improve the e-learning experience.

Our recruitment experts are trained to find the best students for you, and our methods mean you’ll be involved almost immediately.


Enrollment Team

Each student will have an enrollment counselor to help them with their admissions process.

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Support Team

Support questions about the programs will go to our Astria Learning Team, which will continue to look after the student from admissions all the way through graduation.

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Tailored Marketing

A unique marketing approach that will get you the best results for your recruitment.

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Data and Reports

Compiled reports that can be used to jointly identify areas for improvement in both the traditional and online programs.