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Comprehensive OPM SolutionsYour Trusted Online Program Management Solution Provider

Our experienced team partners with universities and colleges around the world to connect a global audience of students with certificates, diplomas, and degrees through online learning.

How Does it Work?

At Astria Learning we focus on getting to know the needs of your institution and your audience as if they were our own. It’s a unique approach that allows us to take care of every aspect of marketing, development, implementation, and execution so that you don’t have to and one that allows you to enhance your brand in a truly global way:


with a whole new audience of students and aspiring learners.


your brand in a way that ensures you always stand out.


to the constantly changing needs of the world of education.


learning opportunities that will help shape the future and set the direction for the next generation.

The Benefits
of eLearning

Our goal is to help you move your content online in a way that allows any student, anywhere in the world, to instantly connect with nothing more than the click of a button.

It’s a chance to open up the world of higher education and learning to people from around the world, and one which allows your college or university to be at the forefront of the changing world of education.

By offering students new ways to learn and study, you’re not just shaping their future, you’re also enhancing the reach and reputation of your brand.

It will allow you to continue to occupy the same prestigious position in the world of education, no matter how fast the needs of your audience change, and it will allow you to continue to offer the rigorous and highly regarded courses you’re known for.

You can even add a whole host of interactive assignments, tests, example questions, and discussion boards to create a truly collaborative learning experience for every student.

Discover a Comprehensive Approach

From the moment you partner with us you’re getting so much more than a new contact
— you’re getting direct access to a specialist team who are as focused on delivering
dynamic, motivational content as you are:

Intuitive Solutions

That students will know how to use before they even log on.

Accessible Platforms

That open up your content to students around the world.

Engaging Designs

That enhance student focus and improve graduation rates.

Interactive Learning

That provides every student with the motivation, insight, and encouragement they need to fulfill their potential.

Student Support

That ensures no student is left behind, no matter their needs or abilities.

Admission Strategies

That allow you to scale your eLearning resources and constantly expand the size of your audience.
Our comprehensive approach connects you with a team of designers and technologists who are
as passionate about the world of education as you are. By using our unique intersection of skills,
combined with your expert input, we create dynamic online learning environments that allow
any student to connect with the future of eLearning.

Ready to
Get Started?

To learn more about how our expert team can
introduce your institution to the future of eLearning,
get in touch with one of our specialists today.
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Astria Learning has established and honed our strategies, through the formation of a team of recruitment specialists who are well-trained to attract and secure qualified students in a tailored way. Through our methods, are nearly immediately engaged.


Every student will be assigned to an enrollment counselor to help guide them through the admissions process.


A unique approach to optimizing the recruitment efforts.


SMO – SEO – PPC and other strategies to help optimize the number of prospects.

Direct In

Billboard – Radio and TV ads.

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Astria LearningHeadquarters
Making education accessible to everywhere under the stars
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Astria LearningHeadquarters
Making Education Accessible to Everyone Under the Stars
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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